The Dark and Gritty Sound of Cold Touch’s New Album Acid Madness

Introspective lyrics and high-energy electronic beats come together in Vietnamese DJ Cold Touch’s newest album “Acid Madness,” set to release in 2023. Cold Touch, real name Nguyen Duy Tri, has been making waves in the underground electronic scene in Vietnam for his unique blend of trance and techno styles. His upcoming album promises to deliver chilling new sounds.

From the very first synth tones, “Acid Madness” transports listeners to a dark, neon-lit world. The album opens with “Lightblind,” an industrial beat accompanied by distorted vocals calling out in the darkness. Tracks like “Red Eyes” and “No Escape” use pounding basslines and dissonant melodies to create an unsettling but hypnotic listen.

Cold Touch sets himself apart with thematically cohesive albums that take listeners on a journey. When asked about his creative process, he shared: “I try to pull from my own experiences and emotions and translate that into sound.” This album explores themes of isolation, fear, and losing control.

The standout final track “Wake Up” starts off slow and minimalistic, building into a driving rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat. As the textures envelop you, a voice urgently repeats “It’s time to wake up” before the song abruptly cuts off, leaving you wondering – was it really all just a dream?

With its otherworldly vibes, “Acid Madness” is set to be Cold Touch’s most groundbreaking work yet. Vietnam’s electronic scene is thriving, and Cold Touch is poised to bring his unique brand of dark techno to the global stage in 2023. Don’t sleep on this up-and-coming artist!


With its hypnotic industrial beats and introspective lyrics, Cold Touch’s “Acid Madness” looks to be an exciting new release coming out of Vietnam’s electronic music scene in 2023. The album’s immersive qualities are sure to delight his established fans and win over new ones.


Who is Cold Touch?
Cold Touch is the stage name of Nguyen Duy Tri, an up-and-coming Vietnamese electronic DJ and producer known for his dark, hypnotic techno/trance blend.

What can we expect from Cold Touch’s new album “Acid Madness”?
The new album promises to explore chilling themes like isolation, fear, and losing control through driving basslines, dissonant melodies, and distorted vocals. Fans can expect a cohesive journey through Cold Touch’s gritty neon-lit soundworld.

When and how can I listen to the new album?
“Acid Madness” is set for release in 2023. Stay tuned to Cold Touch’s social media for announcements of the release date and how to listen.

What genre is Cold Touch’s music?
Cold Touch’s music brings together elements of techno, trance, industrial, and underground electronica into a unique dark, hypnotic sound.

How did Cold Touch get started making music?
Cold Touch has been active in Vietnam’s electronic scene, known for his immersive live sets. His music pulls from his own experiences translated into chilling sounds.

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